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    Our Plastering Services in Townsville

    Plasterboard installation

      Plasterboard installation for new builds and renovations

      Whether you are constructing a new house and need new internal wall plasterboard installation and ceilings or altering existing walls, ceilings and doorways we can do it all for you with efficiency, skill and at an affordable price.

      Plasterboard ceiling construction

        • new builds
        • extensions
        • granny flats

      Plasterboard partition walls

      Fire rated plasterboard installation

      Plasterboard and Gyprock are fire rated when they have been built with a fire rated additive.

      Essentially, in the case of a house fire, fire rated plasterboard buys time for appropriate action to be taken (evacuation or emergency services etc), it slows down the fire as it doesn’t catch light as quickly as non fire resistant materials.

      Typically, you will see a pink layer on one of the sides of the plasterboard indicating that it is fire resistant.

      Ask us more about fire rated plasterboard installation in Townsville

      Wet area plasterboard installation

      If it is a wet area that you are renovating or building then we need to use special, water resistant materials such as Gyprock Aquachek to ensure the best outcome of longevity for your home.

      When you call us for a quote, be sure to mention if any wet areas need to be included.


      Ceiling Repair

      Water damaged ceiling repair

      Characterised by water stains with a brownish colour not only are they unsightly, they’re also potentially harmful to the integrity of the structure of your home and not to mention to your health. Harmful mould can and will grow on these water affected areas if they aren’t addressed.

      You’ll save yourself the hassle and money of replacing the whole ceiling and interior walls of a room by addressing water damage quickly.

      Cracked ceiling repair

      Cracks in a ceiling are a sign that there has been some movement in the foundations of your home. Give us a call to see how bad the extent of the cracking is and what we can do about it.

      Main thing is that you’ll want to address the movement of the house not just the plastering for aesthetics.

      Ornamental ceiling repair

      Got a heritage home in Townsville? We repair ornamental ceilings in those beautiful Queenslanders. We are skilled and repair decorative ceilings and cornices and archways.

      Sagging plasterboard ceiling

      Sagging anything is never great news, it means that either structurally there has been significant movement of water damage in your roof or foundations of your home.

      Luckily, replacing plasterboard ceilings are a service that we offer, it can be costly if left too long, we’ll have a look and see what we can offer you!

      Ceiling Resurfacing

      You may not need to replace your ceiling, our plasterers commonly resurface ceilings if they’ve got minor cracks and bubbles. If you’re renovating, you’ll definitely want to do something about your ceiling so that when it is painted it is even, smooth and not even noticeable… that’s when you know your plasterer has done a great job!

      Wall Repairs

      • Repairing cracked plaster
      • Repairing plasterboard
      • Gyprock repair
      • Water damaged wall repair
      • Cornice installation and repair
      • Squareset plastering

        Suspended Ceilings

        Dropped ceilings

          • hide utilities
          • cover vermiculite ceiling
          • better insulation
          • better acoustics
          • design and aesthetic features
          • being able to install downlights

        Popcorn ceiling removal

        It was popular in Townsville a few decades ago, the spray on or painted on textured ceilings that have developed a bad reputation because some of them (not all) have been found to contain asbestos, which when airborne through deterioration or cracks, can lead to serious health issues with long term exposure.

        Suspended ceiling construction over vermiculite ceiling

        Bulkhead Construction

        Kitchen bulkhead construction

        • Bulkheads are protruding sections on a wall that are built for several reasons, commonly in kitchens. Used to hide utilities,  and also for design and aesthetic changes.

        Gyprock Plasterer

          Gyprock plastering is modern plasterboard, the well known brand of Gyprock has become like Klenex is to tissues.

           Gyprock Installation and repair

          We install Gyprock plaster for new homes and renovations including home extensions and granny flats and garages. We also repair gyprock.


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          Why Choose Us?

          Your local Townsville Plasterer

          Are you looking for a quality plasterer with an impeccable work ethic in Townsville?

          Directed by Jake, Manning Interior Linings is an established plastering company with years of experience throughout South East QLD. Jake is local to Townsville, prides himself in having a great problem solving attitude and honed plastering skills.

          We can help you, whether it be a small hole in a wall that needs patching up after a cricket ball mishap, water damaged insurance work, or plasterboard installation for your new granny flat, right through to commercial work like shop fit outs. No job is too big or too small. So talk to us to see how we can help you get the job done.

          Quality workmanship is really important in plastering.

          Ask a professional interior painter about how hard it is to get a wall looking good if its plaster is not done correctly, it’s near impossible and trust us when we say, you can tell the difference between a professional plasterer and a novice.

          We are good at what we do and we are confident that you will also think so when you see the finished product and think that we may be the best plasterers Townsville has to offer!

          (07) 4800 0366

          Manning work vehicle plasterer in Townsville

          From Our Happy Customers

          denise eberle
          denise eberle
          Thank you Jake, professional, courteous, and I am very happy with ceiling repairs. Ceiling was falling, cornices were cracked. Rescrewed and plastered. Highly recommend
          Haylee Ryan
          Haylee Ryan
          I called Jake on Monday, he was out to quote on Tuesday and the jobs were completed on Wednesday. We had been left needing a plasterer after having new floors installed. We also had some other jobs that needing doing like removal and repair of a skylight, old patch jobs I'd attempted myself over the years and other nicks and things on the walls. Well Jake completed these jobs to the highest of standards, he is very clean and tidy. Jake is friendly and polite with a great attitude. He noticed that our a.c was leaking down our wall and after having a look, he was also able to fix our a.c drainage issue. If you are looking for a reliable, fast working, quality job, done right, Jake is your guy. I will be highly recommending him to everyone. Bonus that he loved our dogs. Thanks again Jake!
          Jennifer Phillips
          Jennifer Phillips
          Jake the plasterer very prompt ,great value and so refreshing to have my calls answered and great communication. Thanks again.
          Nigel Billinger
          Nigel Billinger
          Jake quoted for job, turned up exactly when he said he would.Has done excellent repair to ceilings. Very tidy worker, would recommend to use him.
          Bruce Murray
          Bruce Murray
          Jake is one of the most ethical, efficient and professional tradesman I have come across. After a recent move, removalists had made a large hole in the plasterboard of my new home and tried to rectify it with an extremely substandard repair job. Within hours of explaining the situation to Jake, he was able to rectify the damage to a premium standard at a more than competitive price. Thanks Jake! Your exemplary customer service and skilled workmanship has allowed me to relax and enjoy my new home. I would highly recommend Jake for any plastering requirements.
          Mitchell Roberts
          Mitchell Roberts
          Jake has been amazing! He was so professional and has done an amazing job. He was able to work with my availability and went out of his way to assist! I can’t thank you enough Jake for the fantastic work.
          Jason Bond
          Jason Bond
          Recently had a crack in the ceiling develop. Not only was Jake able to plaster the area, but he rectified the problem and reinforced the area so there wouldnt be a reoccurrence in the future. Jake communication leading up to the Job was flawless, he arrived on time and executed the repair as quoted. We were extremely happy with his professionalism on the first job we had him come back and repair our investment property once the renters moved out. No job was too small, he even done the minor holes left by the picture hangers. The great thing about Jakes work compared to my attempt to spak fill is that he leaves such a smooth finish that all I need to do is prime and paint - no sanding required. He also quoted for free, his prices were very reasonable considering the amount of work I had done. And last of all -hes available!......half the tradies I called didnt even turn up or wouldnt touch the residential stuff. He's definitely a Tradey im putting in the "Go To List" Its hard to find good Tradies these days with fair prices, If you want someone reliable give this guy a call - he wont disappoint.
          Tanya Louise
          Tanya Louise
          Jake is the best plasterer that I have had. On time, fast and a perfect job. I will only ever use his company in the future. Very professional.
          Jason Thompson
          Jason Thompson
          Jake was a pleasure to work with. We asked Jake to provide some plastering repairs and he not only repaired what we requested, he took the step to repair a large number of additional items that we missed, all for the original price. We felt safe leaving Jake to carry out repairs while we were away. We would highly recommend him for future works.
          Stacey Cameron
          Stacey Cameron
          When I was moving house Jake fixed up a few walls and I couldn’t be happier with the job he did. From the first point of contact to the quote and completion of the job, he provided quality and timely service. Something that is very uncommon in Townsville. Jake took the time to walk me through the quote, explaining exactly what he was doing. I highly recommend him for any plastering jobs and will be keeping his number for the future

          Gallery of some of our work

          after plastering complete in home renovation
          residential reno
          small repairs in townsville property
          home renovation with plastering
          wall repair after water damage
          home renovation with townsville plasterer
          after home renovation with townsville plasterer
          archways plastered
          during the build process prior to plaster installation
          commercial plastering project
          suspended ceiling and bulkhead installation
          large window installation


          As a trusted company, we are often asked about the materials that we use, their benefit as well as why we do what we do.

          Below are the most frequently asked questions that our expert plasterers are asked in our Townsville community.

          If you have a question, don’t hesitate to give us, your local plasterers in Townsville, a call and speak to our team directly about your project and how we can help you.

          What is gyprock?

          Gyprock is a branded name of materials used in the plastering industry throughout Australia.

          We are experienced Gyprock plasterers in Townsville QLD.

          Gyprock has become synonymous with plaster, much like Kleenex is synonymous with tissues. The actual product is commonly referred to as plasterboard, drywall, gypsum board among others. Plasterers are the tradespeople who are responsible to hanging the plasterboard sheets and then applying tape and plaster to blend the joins together creating a smooth and seamless finish.

          We’re the Townsville plasterers you can count on for an awesome job done at a fair price on all aspects of gyprock repairs and installations for your home renovation or extension.

          Can water damage on a ceiling be repaired?

          Most of the time, yes. Water damage on a ceiling is often characterised by an obvious stain with brown edges. The most common cause of water damage is a leaking or burst pipe behind the wall or a leaking roof. Water damage is best repaired quickly after the water is first noticed. This is to ensure that the moisture is not left to grow mould or that is doesn’t spread to a larger area of the ceiling or walls. Check with your home insurance company to check if you’re fully insured against water damage. Chances are you’ve got a least some coverage meaning the cost to repair a ceiling will be minimal.

          Give us a call to get your water damaged ceiling repaired in Townsville right away.

          Why are popcorn ceilings bad?

          Popcorn ceilings also known as Vermiculite ceilings are not bad in and of themselves. What has earnt them their bad reputation is that vermiculite is a spray on or painted on substance which has been known to contain asbestos in some cases (not all!).

          Asbestos is a health risk when it is airborne. Vermiculite ceilings that contain asbestos can release the asbestos when they deteriorate of crack.

          One option is to scrape the vermiculite off the ceiling or remove the ceiling. Sometimes however it can be more cost effective to construct a false ceiling (a plastering service we offer) underneath the existing vermiculite ceiling. That way the potentially asbestos containing vermiculite is not disturbed is physcally sperated from the occupants of the home removing the health risks assosiated with asbestos exposure. Get in touch with the professional plasterers to find out how much that will cost and if it is a good option for your home in Townsville.

          What are the benefits of a suspended ceiling?

          There are many reasons why residents in north Queensland decide to install a suspended also known as a floating or false ceiling as part of their home renovations. Here’s some of the most common reasons:

          • hide utilities such as electrical wiring and pipework
          • better soundproofing
          • better insulation
          • can install downlights
          • hide vermiculite ceilings
          • Better accoustics
          • Asthetic appeal

          Contact the plasterers in Townsville with extensive experience with suspended ceiling installations today!

          Do you do small repairs?

          Most plasterers in Townsville focus on new homes and large renovations exclusively. However, we take care of all aspects of dry wall and plaster repairs. From small hole in the wall jobs through to whole wall repairs. We’re the highly skilled plasterers to call for all your repairs and home improvement projects. So no need to to probe through the yellow pages, just give Jake and call and he’ll take care of you.

          What areas do you service?

          We service the greater Townsville including but not limited to the following suburbs:

          • Townsville City
          • Aitkenvale
          • Annandale
          • Belgian Gardens
          • Bohle Plains
          • Castle Hill
          • Cluden
          • Cape Cleveland
          • Cosgrove
          • Cranbrook
          • Currajong
          • Douglas
          • Garbutt
          • Gulliver
          • Heatley
          • Hermit Park
          • Hyde Park
          • Idalia
          • Mount Louisa
          • Mount St John
          • Mount Stuart
          • Mundingburra
          • Murray
          • Mysterton
          • North Ward
          • Oonoonba
          • Pallarenda
          • Pimlico
          • Railway Estate
          • Rosslea
          • Rowes Bay
          • Shelly Beach
          • South Townsville
          • Stuart
          • Town Common
          • Townsville West
          • Vincent
          • West End
          • Wulguru

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