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Our Plastering Services in Townsville QLD

Plasterboard Installation

  • Plasterboard installation for new builds and renovations

  • Plasterboard ceiling construction

  • Plasterboard partition walls

  • Fire rated plasterboard installation

  • Wet area plasterboard installation

Ceiling Repair

  • Water damaged ceiling repair

  • Cracked ceiling repair

  • Ornamental ceiling repair

  • Plaster decorative ceiling

  • Sagging plasterboard ceiling

  • Ceiling Resurfacing

Plasterboard Wall Repair

  • Repairing cracked plaster

  • Repairing plasterboard

  • Gyprock repair

  • Water damaged wall repair

  • Cornice installastion and repair

  • Squareset plastering

Suspended Ceiling

  • Dropped ceilings

  • False ceilings

    • hide utilities
    • cover vermiculite ceiling
    • better insulation
    • better accousitics

Gyprock Plasterer

  • Gyprock Installation

  • Gyprock Repairs

    • gyprock wall and ceiling repair and resurfacing

Vermiculite Ceiling Removal

  • Popcorn ceiling removal

  • Suspended ceiling construction over vermiculite ceiling

Bulkhead Construction

  • Kitchen bulkhead construction

Why Choose Us?

Your local Townsville Plasterer

Are you looking for a quality plasterer with an impeccable work ethic? 

Our team is made up of experienced plasterers who are local to Townsville, have a great attitude and have confidence in their plastering skills.

Contact us to arrange a FREE quote for your plastering needs in Townsville, whether it be a small hole in a wall that needs patching up after a cricket ball mishap or plasterboard installation for your new granny flat. 

Our plastering services range from big jobs to small jobs, so talk to us to see how we can help you get the job done.

Quality workmanship is really important in plastering. 

Ask a professional interior painter about how hard it is to get a wall looking good if its plaster is not done correctly, it’s near impossible and trust us when we say, you can tell the difference between a professional plasterer and a novice. 

The evidence is written on the wall. 

We are good at what we do and we are confident that you will also think so when you see the finished product and think that we may be the best plasterers Townsville has to offer!


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Plasterer Townsville


As a professional tradesperson we are often asked about the materials that we use, their benefit as well as why we do what we do. 

Below are the most frequently asked questions that our expert plasterers are asked in our Townsville community. 

If you have a question, don’t hesitate to give us, your local plasterers in Townsville, a call and speak to one of our plasterers directly about your project and how we can help you. 

What is gyprock?

Gyprock is a branded name of materials used in the plastering industry throughout Australia. 

We are Gyprock plasterers in Townsville QLD.

Gyprock has become synonymous with plaster, much like Klenex is synonymous with tissues. 

Can water damage on a ceiling be repaired?

Most of the time, yes. Water damage on a ceiling is often characterised by an obvious stain with brown edges. 

The most common cause of water damage is a leaking or burst pipe behind the wall or a leaking roof. 

Water damage is best repaired quickly after the water is first noticed. This is to ensure that the moisture is not left to grow mould or that is doesn’t spread to a larger area of the ceiling or walls. 

Give us a call to get your water damaged ceiling repaired in Townsville right away. 

Why are popcorn ceilings bad?

Popcorn ceilings also known as Vermiculite ceilings are not bad in and of themselves. What has earnt them their bad reputation is that vermiculite is a spray on or painted on substance which has been known to contain asbestos in some cases (not all!). 

Asbestos is a health risk when it is airborne. Vermiculite ceilings that contain asbestos can release the asbestos when they deteriorate of crack. 

If you are concerned that your vermiculite ceiling is deteriorating or maybe you just want to remove it for a more modern look, get in touch with us to find out how much that will cost and if it is a good option for your home in Townsville. 

What are the benefits of a suspended ceiling?
  • hide utilities such as electrical wiring and pipework
  • better soundproofing 
  • better insulation
  • can install downlights
  • hide vermiculite ceilings
  • Better accoustics 

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