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Our Plastering Services in Townsville

Are you looking for a Gyprock plasterer in Townsville?

From big plastering jobs such as interior plasterboard installation for a whole house renovation to small plaster jobs such as fixing a hole or a crack in the wall, we are the plastering team that you want on the job.

We are really good at what we do and we are confident that you will think so too. Our professional plasterers in Townsville offer the following services:


Plasterboard Installation

Plasterboard installation for new builds and renovations

Whether you are constructing a new house and need new internal wall plasterboard installation and ceilings or altering existing walls, ceilings and doorways we can do it all for you with efficiency, skill and at an affordable price.

Plasterboard ceiling construction

    • new builds
    • extensions
    • granny flats

Plasterboard partition walls

Fire rated plasterboard installation

Plasterboard and Gyprock are fire rated when they have been built with a fire rated additive.

Essentially, in the case of a house fire, fire rated plasterboard buys time for appropriate action to be taken (evacuation or emergency services etc), it slows down the fire as it doesn’t catch light as quickly as non fire resistant materials.

Typically, you will see a pink layer on one of the sides of the plasterboard indicating that it is fire resistant.

Ask us more about fire rated plasterboard installation in Townsville

Wet area plasterboard installation

If it is a wet area that you are renovating or building then we need to use special, water resistant materials such as Gyprock Aquachek to ensure the best outcome of longevity for your home. 

When you call us for a quote, be sure to mention if any wet areas need to be included. 

Plasterer in Townsville

Plastering. We are good at what we do. Let us show you why.

Ceiling Repair

Water damaged ceiling repair

Characterised by water stains with a brownish colour not only are they unsightly, they’re also potentially harmful to the integrity of the structure of your home and not to mention to your health. Harmful mould can and will grow on these water affected areas if they aren’t addressed.

You’ll save yourself the hassle and money of replacing the whole ceiling and interior walls of a room by addressing water damage quickly.

Cracked ceiling repair

Cracks in a ceiling are a sign that there has been some movement in the foundations of your home. Give us a call to see how bad the extent of the cracking is and what we can do about it.

Main thing is that you’ll want to address the movement of the house not just the plastering for aesthetics.

Ornamental ceiling repair

Got a heritage home in Townsville? We repair ornamental ceilings in those beautiful Queenslanders. We are skilled and repair decorative ceilings and cornices and archways.

Sagging plasterboard ceiling

Sagging anything is never great news, it means that either structurally there has been significant movement of water damage in your roof or foundations of your home.

Luckily, replacing plasterboard ceilings are a service that we offer, it can be costly if left too long, we’ll have a look and see what we can offer you!

Ceiling Resurfacing

You may not need to replace your ceiling, our plasterers commonly resurface ceilings if they’ve got minor cracks and bubbles. If you’re renovating, you’ll definitely want to do something about your ceiling so that when it is painted it is even, smooth and not even noticeable… that’s when you know your plasterer has done a great job!

Suspended Ceiling

Dropped ceilings

False ceilings

    • hide utilities
    • cover vermiculite ceiling
    • better insulation
    • better acoustics
    • design and aesthetic features
    • being able to install downlights

Plasterboard Wall Repair

Repairing cracked plaster

Repairing plasterboard

Gyprock repair

Water damaged wall repair

Cornice installation and repair

Squareset plastering

Bulkhead Construction

Kitchen bulkhead construction

  • Bulkheads are protruding sections on a wall that are built for several reasons, commonly in kitchens. Used to hide utilities,  and also for design and aesthetic changes.

Vermiculite Ceiling Removal

Popcorn ceiling removal

It was popular in Townsville a few decades ago, the spray on or painted on textured ceilings that have developed a bad reputation because some of them (not all) have been found to contain asbestos, which when airborne through deterioration or cracks, can lead to serious health issues with long term exposure.

Suspended ceiling construction over vermiculite ceiling

Gyprock Plasterer

Gyprock plastering is modern plasterboard, the well known brand of Gyprock has become like Klenex is to tissues.

 Gyprock Installation

We install Gyprock plaster for new homes and renovations including home extensions and granny flats and garages

Gyprock Repairs

Our services include Gyprocking Townsville for wall and ceiling repair and resurfacing

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